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XTELLAR Taulman3D Recycled PETG

XTELLAR Taulman3D Recycled PETG

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Taulman3D is raising the bar for recycled 3d printing material, Enviro PETG offers a fully recycled product from feedstock to spool. The material is made entirely from post industrial waste and is an excellent alternative to regular PETG filaments which require more energy to produce. Enviro PETG is contains 100% recycled material and offers exceptional print quality on dozens of 3d printing platforms. Filament and spool are both 100% recycled.

Recommended Printing Temperature
Nozzle Temperature: 235-252C
Heatbed: 50-80C



Diameter: 1.75mm (2.85mm available on request)
Net Weight: 1kg
Packaging Weight: 1.5kg
Packaging Dimension: 230 x 75 x 215mm
Spool Dimensions:
Outer - 200mm, Thickness - 70mm, Inner - 52mm

Key Features

  • Premium High-Quality 3D Printing Filament
  • Easy to Print
  • Made in USA
  • Experts in Industrial 3D Printing Materials
  • Compatible with most FDM/FFF printers
  • SDS/TDS Certification Available on Request

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Xtellar is the link that connects your dreams to our ability to bring it to life through 3D materials innovation. By working closely with our clients, we make it possible to create breakthrough innovation by shaping a collaborative, efficient and green future for all of us.

​Our mission is to bring our partners' projects to life, by developing material solutions that match each of their specific needs, unlocking our combined potential to break the innovation barriers that will deliver unlimited possibilities.

​Xtellar was established in 2023, combining the Braskem 3D materials division and Taulman3D, allowing increased flexibility to accelerate additive manufacturing innovation through strategic partnerships and new growth channels.