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SKRIV Stationary Holder

SKRIV Stationary Holder

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The SKRIV Stationary Holder holds pencils, pens, scissors, rulers, and more. Keeping your desk neat and tidy while having a modern feel to the simple stationary holder. Need something taller? Check out the SKRIV Cutlery Holder.

- Made from Biodegradable plastic, PLA
- Made to order
- Sustainable Manufacturing

77 x 77 x 90mm


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Made when you want it, made when you need it.

Introducing SKRIV, a lifestyle brand brought to you by BYND3D, seamlessly merging functionality and aesthetics through additive manufacturing. Elevating sustainability to unprecedented heights, our products crafted precisely when you desire them, embodying a commitment to both innovation and eco-conscious living.

Design meets Sustainable Manufacturing

We craft our products with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, utilising bio-materials that can be recycled and pre-used packaging. This ensures that our entire product line embodies blend innovation and environmental consciousness.