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Filament PM

Filament PM PETG CFJet

Filament PM PETG CFJet

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PETG is a modified version of PET (a common plastic used to manufacture water bottles), adding Glycol in its manufacturing process to create the filament. It is semi-rigid material with great impact resistance. PETG is one of the materials designed for 3D printing which makes it one of the easiest materials to print. Filament PM PETG CFJet is further blended with 20% of carbon fibres. It provides much higher strength and rigidity while also providing a beautiful matte surface. Great for mechanical components.

Recommended Printing Temperature
Nozzle Temperature 220-250C
Heatbed: 80-90C



Diameter: 1.75mm (2.85mm available on request)
Net Weight: 0.5kg
Packaging Weight: 0.84kg
Packaging Dimension: 225 x 65 x 21mm
Spool Dimensions:
Outer - 200mm, Thickness - 55mm, Inner - 52mm

Key Features

  • Premium High-Quality 3D Printing Filament
  • Easy to Print
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • PRUSA verified manufacturer of their filaments
  • Compatible with most FDM/FFF printers
  • SDS/TDS Certification Available on Request

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Filament PM

Established in 2013, Filament PM is based in the Czech Republic producing premium quality filaments and being the forerunner in creating and developing new filaments. The portfolio of filaments consists of 16 types of materials in 2 different diameters with more to come.

They also highly believe in being eco-friendly. Some of their initiatives include using only renewable sources of electricity for the production of their filaments and reusing waste filament to produce new rolls of filament. In the works is a system to return empty spools.