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5-Pack Bundle - 3DXTECH CarbonX PA6+CF

5-Pack Bundle - 3DXTECH CarbonX PA6+CF

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CarbonX™ PA6+CF [Gen3] is made using a specialty Nylon 6 [PA6] copolymer and high-modulus carbon fiber. This is the go-to material for industrial applications that require superior thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance properties while retaining the ease of printing that you’ve come to expect.

Recommended Printing Temperature
Nozzle Temperature: 240-270C
Heatbed: 80-110C



Diameter: 1.75mm (2.85mm available on request)

See below for the full specifiactions.

Key Features

  • Premium High-Quality 3D Printing Filament
  • Easy to Print
  • Made in the USA
  • Experts in High Performance Materials Manufacturing
  • Compatible with most FDM/FFF printers
  • SDS/TDS Certification Available on Request

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3DXTECH is located in Grand Rapids Michigan. We started in 2014 by focusing on specialty formulations that focus on functionality. We manufacture all of our filaments in our 24,000 ft2 manufacturing facility using state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Our goal continues to be to make the most innovative filaments on the market – targeting difficult end-use applications where functionality is king.

From PLA to PEKK, we have the broadest portfolio of carbon fiber reinforced materials in 3D.  Our formulations are based on over 25 years of experience in the high-performance materials business.  This experience helps us deliver the best carbon fiber 3D filament on the market in the widest variety of grades.

  • 500g Spools

    Net Weight: 0.5kg
    Packaging Weight: 0.9kg
    Packaging Dimension: 230 x 80 x 210mm
    Spool Dimensions:
    Outer - 200mm, Thickness - 37mm, Inner - 52mm

  • 750g Spools

    Net Weight: 0.75kg
    Packaging Weight: 1.2kg
    Packaging Dimension: 230 x 80 x 210mm
    Spool Dimensions:
    Outer - 200mm, Thickness - 55mm, Inner - 52mm

  • 1kg Spools

    Net Weight: 1kg
    Packaging Weight: 1.48kg
    Packaging Dimension: 230 x 80 x 210mm
    Spool Dimensions:
    Outer - 200mm, Thickness - 77mm, Inner - 52mm