Why Choose Our Filaments

In A Nut Shell

We do things differently. 6 simple reasons why we are just simply better.

Consistent Diameter
All the filaments we distribute are ensured to meet the exact diameter stated. You may be wondering why this is important... If the diameter deviates from the stated size, it will cause uneven extrusion of material and lead to a higher rate of printing defects.

High Quality Prints
All of our filaments are made using high-quality premium raw materials which will result in your final parts and prints being extremely smooth and better looking.

No Clogs
Stringent quality control and high-quality raw materials to make chemically great filaments ensure that the flow of the filament is good and doesn’t cause clogging.

Rigorous Testing
At BYND3D, we test all the filaments we sell with over 1000 printing hours. This is to ensure that our filaments are of good quality and easy for you to print.

Vacuum & Zip Locked Sealed
All our filaments are vacuum-packed and sealed to ensure that you get the freshest filaments. Most of our filament bags also have a zip-lock seal so that you can keep your filaments as fresh as possible once you've opened them.

No Entanglement
Our filaments generally come perfectly spooled right out of the box. This ensures smooth and easy printing with no failure from filament entanglement.

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